About Boar Hunting

In our regian of Slovakia there exists the Sus scrofa atilla and Sus scrofa scrofa. The main variations we see between these two species of boar is the size and color. Both species tend to like similar terrain, climate and food sources.

hunting-for-boarA trophy male boar can easily best 225 Kg, with some tipping the scale at 250kg or even up to 300kg depending on the habitat and available food sources. Climate and environment also play a role as warmer climates tend to mean a longer feeding season and thus means larger boar.

Boar like moist forest floors with ample ponds and water sources nearby in which to bath to keep cool and wallow for insect control. Unlike desert Javelina which can be seen roaming hunting land in arid portions of the United States, the boar here are much larger and require more food and a cooler climate.

Much like trophy whitetail and mule deer in the US, boar tend to rut or mate in November with a late or post rut occurring in December.  These rut periods are often the best times to pursue the really large males as they cruise the hunting property looking for sows to mate.